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Wildflower Creamed Honey

The uniquely smooth caramel tones of this honey make for a delicious flavour. Collected from wildflowers, this pure and natural honey is a great choice for a healthy sweetener!

Cinnamon In Creamed Honey

This delicious blend of high-quality cinnamon and our natural wildflower honey is sure to be a household favourite. Try with toast, oatmeal, or by the spoon!

Blueberry Blossom Creamed Honey

This specialty honey, collected from blueberry blossoms in the beautiful Fraser Valley region packs a deliciously robust flavour. Try as a breakfast spread, on desserts, or in tea!

Raspberry Blossom Creamed Honey

This rare honey, collected from raspberry blossoms in the beautiful Fraser Valley region, delivers a wonderfully tangy flavour. Try in iced tea, granola, or drizzled over desserts!