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What determines the flavour of honey?

The main factor that influences the taste of honey is the type of nectar that comes from different flowers. For example, our Blueberry Blossom Creamed Honey gets its flavour from the nectar collected from blueberry blossoms, not artificial flavouring.

What is small-batch honey? 

Our honey is packaged in small batches meaning honey gathered from different regions and times is packaged separately. Blending batches of honey removes many of the unique flavours that come from local flowers. Small-batch honey allows for a slight flavour variance between batches which ensures you are receiving authentic tasting honey.

What is creamed honey?

All our honey is creamed. Creaming is the process of whipping honey with air to break down sugar crystals on a microscopic level, creating the amazingly smooth and spreadable texture that you love. Creamed honey will remain soft and spreadable without becoming solid like liquid honey.

Why is our honey unpasteurized?

We never pasteurize our honey which allows it to maintain its nutritional benefits. Pasteurizing honey involves heating it to a high temperature which removes naturally occurring vitamins and enzymes.